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Sanya Awarded “Most Desirable Destination in Mainland China for Overseas Tourists in 2019”

On June 13th, ITE Hong Kong 2019 - The 33rd International Travel Expo Hong Kong opened at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. The Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau organized more than ten tourism companies to attend the travel fair. At the event, Sanya with its unique tourism resources and international tourism reception facilities and services, was awarded the “Most Desirable Destination in Mainland China for Overseas Tourists in 2019” at the 2019 Belt & Road International Tourism Forum on New Business Opportunities.


The sponsor voted on the official Hong Kong Commercial Newspaper website and confirmed by the audit institution Zhongrui Yuehua (Hong Kong) Certified Public Accountants. Sanya beat 110 other tourist destinations in mainland China to win the title of “Most Desirable Destination in Mainland China for Overseas Tourists in 2019”, with 112,000 votes out of more than 9 million valid votes.



Located in the low latitude, Sanya is known as a “Natural Greenhouse” due to its appropriate climate and 69 percent forest coverage. It’s a good place for travelling all year around. With unique tourism resources, there are many famous scenic spots including Tianyahaijiao, Wuzhizhou Island, Luhuitou Park, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, and Dongtian Park. Sanya not only has five elements of modern international tourism - sunshine, pristine sea water, sandy beaches, green vegetation and clean air, but it also has special tourism resources such as rivers, ports, hot springs, caves, pastures, exotic animals & plants and unique ethnic customs.

The Belt & Road International Tourism Forum on New Business Opportunities was co-hosted by the Hong Kong Commercial Newspaper, China Economic Herald, and Global Commercial Newspapers Union. It has been held for four consecutive years. Those invited to the forum included the inspector of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Man Hongwei) , Deputy Director of the Propaganda and Sports Department of the Liaison Office (Luo Jiang), Director of Information and Public Relations of the Office of the Special Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong (Li Hua), Director of the Asian Tourism Exchange Centre (Cui Suxiang), Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Council (Huang Jinda), and Deputy Director-General of the Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau (Ye Zhengde).

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