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Li Youyi——Spring to Autumn, Winter to Summer with ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA


Li Youyi——the General manager of  ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA

Q1: Can you share with us the essence of “ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA”?

Li: ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA opened on January 24th, 2016. The rich hotel culture has become a continuous driving force for the hotel management. “Dignity and a selfless service spirit” to meet the needs of customers, and to create a comfortable place for them to stay outside of their homes. At the same time, we pay attention to the management of every practitioner to provide a dream platform for employees to fully demonstrate their value.


Q2.: What measures will you take in terms of management and marketing of ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA?

Li: As the consumption concept and consumer demand continues to develop at an advanced stage, the needs of customers are becoming more and more personalized and refined. Therefore, differentiated marketing and product personalization are particularly important. The advantages of group hotel management can realize the individualization of products, satisfy the different needs of customers, and ingeniously realize the advantages of complementary customer sources and complementary market. In addition, we also use emerging media and more creative, interactive and experienced online and offline activities to better and accurately spread the right information to our target customers and bring in business.


Q3:  You have been in the high-end hotel industry for many years. What do you think is the true spirit of service? How do you manage and train the hotel's service team and integrate the brand spirit into the service?

Li: Pursue the spirit of “selfless dedication with dignity”, continuously improve the professional quality and skills of employees, and strictly train, supervise and practice. If a hotel is only built with high-end hardware and expensive decorations without fully integrating the employee's software services, then this hotel is just a luxury hotel without soul. Nowadays, the hotel industry is expanding rapidly. It is an era of technological change, an era of knowledge renewal, and a more personalized era of consumer demand. We have targeted and planned training to fully reflect the value of employees. Because of the high quality of service delivery by employees in the hospitality industry, it takes a long time to train and exercise. The most contacted guests at the hotel are the basic staff, so solid training for the basic staff is absolutely necessary.



Q4: As the general manager of the hotel, you have been working diligently to improve the standard and service of the hotel. Please tell us about some of the hotel’s accomplishments?

Li: In 2018, ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA received many prizes, including the "2018 Best International Reception Hotel of Hainan Tourism Hotel Industry " award, the 8th Fashion List "Annual Selection Theme Hotel" award and "Outstanding General Manager". These awards have a good reputation in the hearts of every customer, and have been highly recognized by the industry. At the beginning of this year, after an assessment by the audit team, the National People's Congress was held at the ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA. The hotel attached great importance to the details of the service. All employees performed to the highest standard of service skills, high-quality professional standards and excellent service quality. The completion of this major reception was widely praised by the delegates. I have been asking the training manager to give employees basic skills training, from the greeting of the guests to the delivery process, which is a necessary factor to enhance guest experience.

Q5: The restaurant is one of the most important characteristics for measuring a hotel’s standard. Can you introduce some of the dining options of ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA?

Li:  Fusion Restaurant

Located on the third floor of the hotel, the restaurant has a simple and fashionable design style with comfortable seats and a spacious hall. The buffet here is the most representative breakfast in the region. In order to challenge the richness of the breakfast buffet, the hotel strictly chooses organic ingredients. There is also a selection of more than 100 different kinds of dishes, absorbing the essence of the local diet and using a variety of cooking methods.


LaMuse Bar
Located in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, the environment here is elegant. Not only can you enjoy high quality freshly ground coffee, but you can also enjoy the finest tea. Come here to enjoy and assortment of tea and let LaMuse Bar bring you pleasant afternoon.


Garden Seafood Buffet Restaurant
Located in the hotel garden restaurant, this restaurant is rich in seafood and barbecue delights with a coastal flavor. It has become a mainstream delicacy here. Both Chinese and Western dishes allow you to experience different food cultures. A variety of drink options make the dining options rich and varied.


Q6: In recent years, the competition in Sanya’s hotel industry has become more and more fierce. What do you think is the biggest advantage of ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA? What are some of the "unique" aspects guests can experience here?

We have five competitive advantages:     
1. Located at the core of Yingbin Avenue, 15 minutes from the high-speed railway and 10 minutes from Dadonghai, 25 minutes from Sanya Phoenix Airport and 15 minutes from Sanya Bay Beach Bath, visitors who like to walk can get to the beach in just 15 minutes. 

2. ZIYUE CONIFER SANYA is the only cultural and artistic theme hotel in the city. It was built by Li Okang, a design giant of the Hong Kong CONIFER Group.        
3. The most representative breakfast buffet in the area is strictly selected using the finest ingredients.

4. Head to the top floor to enjoy the infinity pool. Here, you can enjoy the sunshine as you take a dip in the water. You can also enjoy summer drinks and overlook the city's flourishing scenery. 

5. The outdoor garden restaurant is leisurely and elegant with green plants and flowers dotted around in every corner, bring so much life to the restaurant.


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