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2019 “Love the Deep Blue” International Underwater Photography Competition held on Wuzhizhou Island


On May 24th, the opening ceremony for the 2019 “Love the Deep Blue” International Underwater Photography Competition kicked off on Wuzhizhou Island. The event was directed by the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau and was sponsored by the Sanya Sports Tourism Association. Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Area and Hainan Fun Play Water Sports Co., Ltd., took on the event and it was jointly organized by the Professional Association of Diver Instructor and the Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservation Association.


Leaders who attended the opening ceremony included party members of the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau (Zhou Yun), the Hainan Scenic Area Association director (Zheng Huini), vice-president of the Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Area (Ding Feng), and the Hainan Fun Play Water Sports Co., Ltd CEO (Bao Yongzhou).



At the opening ceremony, Zhou Yun said that the Wuzhizhou Island tourist area has always been a leader in Sanya’s tourism industry. As the guiding unit of this event, the strong alliance between the Bureau of Tourism and Culture and the Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Area has not only introduced new vitality to the development of the tourism and sports industries, but it has also provided a test for their development in Sanya. 


( Zhou Yun,Party members of the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau )

Bao Yongzhou said that the competition aims to build a bridge of communication between diving enthusiasts around the world through exchanges in professional fields, further promoting the development of underwater photography activities and diving in Hainan. Wuzhizhou Island is a top notch diving spot in China. It offers divers the chance to see unique underwater life and interesting finds such as shipwrecks and statues. In the future, marine protection will be enhanced to provide a better shooting environment for divers and underwater photography enthusiasts while still protecting the environment.


Bao YongzhouHainan Fun Play Water Sports Co., Ltd CEO

Underwater photography is truly a challenge for photographers. Every dive is a test."I have been taking photos underwater for a long time. I have also been to many places from the Americas to Southeast Asia, but it is the first time that I have come to Hainan to take pictures of the underwater world of our country. I want to see how beautiful Wuzhizhou Island is and I hope that I can get many good-looking, high-quality shots." Shang Rui, underwater photographer


The mermaid is the embodiment of justice, bravery and beauty in people's minds. As the model of the Mermaid Group in this competition, Hu Ying hopes to convey more positive energy about environmental protection, vitality, fashion and health through the photos of the photographers. The photo contest attracted outstanding Mermaid representatives from Yunnan, Anhui, Guangxi and other places. The youngest is only 11 years old. Among them, Hu Ying is the substitute for the 2018 Mermaid International runner-up and features in Stephen Chow's movie "Mermaid 2".


From May 24th, photographers and mermaids will explore the underwater world for 4 days. There are three groups in this competition: Wide-angle Group, Micro-distance Group and Mermaid Group. On May 26th, Wuzhizhou Island will hold a master sharing session and a marine environmental protection event with the International Professional Diving Instructor Association and Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association to advocate citizens and tourists to be more considerate of the marine environment and raise awareness of ecological protection.


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