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Prize Giving Ceremony of The “ Wuzhizhou Cup ” 10th Round Hainan Regatta Race Was held

By Afra Jin/HelloSanya

On March 19th 36 teams arrived at Sanya Marina(Ban Shan Ban Dao), marking the end of the Haikou-Sanya offshore “Wuzhizhou Cup ” 10th Round Hainan Regatta race. A prize giving ceremony was held in the evening.



Marketing director of Wuzhizhou Island Mr. Fu Subin

Guests attending the ceremony included executive member of the Chinese Yachting Association (CYA) Mr. Yang Yiguang, director of Competitive Sports Department of Hainan Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau Mr. Liu Pingjiu, deputy director of Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau Mr. Han Jianping, deputy director of Sanya Maritime Bureau Mr. Liu Zhongxue,deputy commissioner of Sanya Customs Mr. Chen Weidong, Chief of the Command Headquarters of Sanya Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station Mr. Song Fei, and marketing director of Wuzhizhou Island Mr. Fu Subin.




During the opening speech,the deputy director of Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau Mr. Han Jianping said: "As a big international brand sporting event that the government put enormous efforts to build, the Round Hainan Regatta has inherited a history of 10 years since it was first held in 2010. During these ten years, it has developed rapidly. With the increasing scale and level, today it has grown into the bridge and window to the world."


After a series of hard fought races,Dalian TEN Sailing Club, Bigboys Sailing Club, Dalian Ocean Link Club, Shenzhen Seawolf Club, Sailingin Decathlon Sailing Team·Sanya finished first place for TEN 33 Fleet, IRC3 Fleet, IRC2 Fleet, IRC1 Fleet and RHN-Dubois50 Fleet.


Ms Xu Lijia, former Olympic champion and Promotion Ambassador of the "Wuzhizhou Cup" 10th Round Hainan Regatta 2019, gave a speech as the host of the ceremony to encourage all participants.



This year Hainan is comprehensively deepening reform and openig-up and all tourism enterprises are facing new opportunities and challenges. By accelerating the industry's transformation and diversifying thematic products, the tourism industry of Hainan will maintain rapid development.

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