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Hainan Is Allowed to Set Up All-night Entertainment Venues

By Afra Jin/ HelloSanya


On the closing meeting of the 13th National People's Congress  legislators voted for the approval of launching the legislation process of Hainan Free Trade Zone Law, which means that the Chinese government has officially taken this issue into account.

According to the response letter, which Hainan Provincal Tourism and Culture, Radio and Television Sports Department recently received from the National Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as a significant move to implement the constructing of Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center, Hainan is allowed to set up all-night entertainment venues in main tourist areas.

In the mean time the National Ministry of Culture and Tourism has stipulated these specific requirements: 

1. Main tourist areas should be defined clearly.

2. The establishment of entertainment venues should conform with the relevant regulations and laws.

3. Operating contents must be legitimate

4. Establish and strengthen surveillance systems


By creating an international tourism consumption environment, new measures will not only contribute to Hainan's construction of an international consumption area, it will also enhance the level of diversified entertainment supply in catering, accommodation, travel, and shopping.

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