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Registration For 2019 Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon Is Now Open!

By Afra Jin/ HelloSanya


The 2019 Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon will kick off on March 10th. The marathon is organized by the Hainan Provincial Administration of Sporting Events and the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Sanya. The event is supported by the Hainan Provincial Government and is hosted by the Chinese Athletic Association.


To contribute to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone , this year the 2019 Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon and Haikou Marathon have been combined and the organization will make it a 9-day runner’s festival of two cities.


This year competitors will run on a track «Coconut Dream Corridor», which has been called «the most beautiful track ever». All participants of these 2 marathons will get an exclusive package that includes:

Allowance for train tickets

Commemorative medals

Extra activities 

Discount on hotels 

Discount on scenic areas

Discount on local snacks



1) Race date: 7:30 am, Sunday, March 10th, 2019

2) Place: Beauty Crown Hotel,Sanya





1) age

All Marathon entrants should be at least 20 years old by race day (born before 31st ,Dec,1999).

All half Marathon entrants should be at least 16 years old by race day(born before 31st,Dec,2003).

No age limitation for the Mini Marathon entrants, but those who was born after 31st Dec,2005 should be accompanied by their parents(leastly one parent AS ACCOMPANY ENTRANT) and original household register to participate in the competition. Parents must bring their own valid ID documents(passport or Valid Military Identification)Those participants who is under 18 or above 70 (inclusive) will be regarded as entrants only if their guardians or legal agents signed for the participants declaration.

2)Way of Registration

a.Field Composition

Fields 20000, Marathon 5000 quotaHalf Marathonincluding lovers marathon5000 quotaMini Marathon 10000 quota. Those who finished the fully registration at the earliest moment will abtain limited spots.

b. registration

During the Registration Period, all applicants have to log on the official website to conduct the registration followed by related regulations, please read the ’entrants guide’ officially announced by the OC for the exact time and date for the registration.

c. Individual or group applicants are all available.

d. Those who belongs to unavailable applicants as below:

Athletes still in the period of a ban by CAA.

Athletes still in the period of a ban by the OC of Hainan (Sanya) International Marathon.

e. Please read the ’entrants guide’ at the official website for further information.

3)Entry Fee

a. Chinese entrants (including Hongkong, Macau and China Taipei):  Registration Fee: 100CNY/person for Marathon,half marathon, 100CNY/2 person for Lovers’ marathon; 50CNY/person for Mini Marathon.

. b. Overseas entrants: 50USD/person for Marathon,half marathon, 50USD/person  for lovers’ marathon; 30USD/person for Mini Marathon.

c. OC has the right to determine the qualifications through the certain registration conditions, no refund for successful entrants.



Marathon (42.195KM,Male and Female Division)

Half Marathon

(21.0975KM,Male and Female Division,Lovers’ Marathon)

Mini Marathon(5KM, Male and Female Division)





Beauty Crown Hotel(start point)—Fenghuang Road—West Haiyu Route—Sanhuan Road(Turn around)—West Haiyu Route—Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot(Turn around)-- West Haiyu Route—Yuhai Road—Sanya Bay Road—Haihong Road—Xincheng Road-- Yuhai International Resort Hotel(Turn around)-- Xincheng Road—Haihong Road--Sanya Bay Road—Haiyue Square(Finish)


2) Half Marathon

Beauty Crown Hotel(starting point)—Fenghuang Road—West Haiyu Route—Sanhuan Road(Turn around)—West Haiyu Route—Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot(Finish)


3) Mini Marathon

Beauty Crown Hotel(starting point)—Fenghuang Road—Jinji Ling Street(Finish)



a.Each of the top 100 male and female runners in Marathon will receive prize money (in CNY, see the table below). Each of the top 3 male and female runners in Marathon will receive a trophy,a medal, a set of sportswear.


B. Breaking records awards

a.World record: USD20,000(Winner only)

b.Event record:CNY20,000(WINNER ONLY)

male:less than 2 hours 11 minutes 53 seconds(exclusive)

female:less than 2 hours 31 minutes 27 seconds(exclusive)


 C.Half Marathon

a. Each of the top 24 male and female runners in Marathon will receive prize money (in CNY, see the table below). Each of the top 3 male and female runners in Marathon will receive a trophya medal and a set of sportswear.



Address: 3rd floor,Building A2, No.32 Binhai Avenue,Longhua District,Hai Kou

Postcode: 570100

Contact No.: 18889533221

(opening hours: 9:00-12:00,14:00-17:00 on weekday

Office will be closed on weekends and public holidays)

Official web: www.hnsymls.com

Email: hnsporting@163.com

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