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The 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards are coming to Sanya in 2019.

By Afra Jin


On December 17th a press conference for the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards was held in Sanya. It was announced that the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards will be held on January 12th 2019,with many famous Asian actors and directors in attendance. Sanya will once again be the focus of the world's attention.

500 TV dramas from 32 countries and regions have already confirmed their participation in the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards,among them 88 dramas will be short-listed.


4 Categories:TV drama, Entertainment, TV Documentary, TV Animation

28 Prizes: 11 art work prizes and 17 individual prizes



According to reports, TV exhibitions, the Asian International TV Industry Forum, new works recommendations of the Asia Television Market and other cultural activities have taken place for the event. "Care for Children and Women", "Reviews of

 Classics" and other Commonwealth activities will be held as well.


The Asia Rainbow TV Awards are an Asian television awards ceremony held by the  Hong Kong Television Association and the China Television Production Committee. The first ceremony was held in 2011 in Hong Kong, and the second and the third were held in 2014 and 2016 in Macau. The fourth ceremony of the Asia Rainbow TV Awards will come to Sanya which will be the first time this event will be held in mainland China.

While advocating regional cooperation, organizers of the  Asia Rainbow TV Awards have objectives to promote exchanges and cooperation of the TV Production Industry between Asian Countries and Regions , so as to achieve common development and progress.

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