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See Hainan - 2018 Chinese Convergence Media Interviews Launched

By Vita He/Hellosanya


Hainan Province has been developing rapidly since China's reform and opening-up in 1979. 2019 will mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, and more than 60 editors, journalists and photographers from the media industry will exhibit the glorious achievements of Hainan Province over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up by attending an eight-day activity, "See Hainan of 2018 Chinese Convergence Media Interviews". All the attendees will use different media to show what a magnificent place Hainan is.


On November 24th, speeches were given by the management team of Hinews at the launch ceremony held at the Hainan Forest and City Hotel. The speeches gave a warm welcome to the attendees and that all the media attendees would truly be able to demonstrate the depth of Hainan with their words and through their lenses, making more people aware of Hainan as a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

A reception banquet was held after the launch ceremony, and everyone enjoyed a local Hainan style dance and Jian Dui, a very special Hainan food.


It is reported that the attendees of this interview activity are from over 60 mainstream media outlets such as China Daily, QQ.COM, CNR, XHBY.NET, and China News as well as others who are going to visit Haikou, Lingao, Wanning, Sanya, Dongfang, Lingshui, Changjiang and Wuzhishan to do interview reports and Hainan exhibitions with pictures and videos to tell stories of Hainan. Adopting multi-media including videos, hot topics, characters, pictures and new media, this large interview activity is going to give a 3D visual demonstration of Hainan as a special economic zone since its foundation in 1988 to further enhance Hainan's international reputation.


Hellosanya, as a partner of Hinews, will broadcast English reports of this eight days activity on overseas new media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Hellosanya.com, to attract more international attention.


Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of Hainan Province, this activity is sponsored by Hainan Daily Press Group, organized by Hinews and co-organized by the Publicity Departments of the Communist Party of Sanya, Wanning, Dongfang, Lingao, Lingshui and Changjiang, Sanya Science and Technology and Industry Development Commission, Wuzhishan Tourism and Commerce Bureau, Haikou Resident and Visitor Information Center, Sanya RS Information Industrial Park, Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, Hainan Boundary Island Scenic Area, Sanya CDF Mall, Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Sanya Jiyang Yingbin Seafood Square, Middle Wuzhishan Tourism and Investment Co., Ltd., Hainan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and the Hainan Forest and City Hotel.

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