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2018 the 3rd Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair concluded successfully

By Afra Jin/ Hellosanya


On November 18th 2018 the 3rd Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair & 2018 “One Belt, One Road” Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition concluded successfully. This year the International Fair attracted more than 300 companies from 32 "Silk Road" countries and regions to Sanya. They brought more than 30000 items to put on display.   

There were 19 venues in total, 1 main venue and 18 branch venues. The fair was held over 4 days with a series of colorful cultural events taking place on the stage of the 3rd International Fair. These included a Cultural Creative Design Contest, VIP Dinner Party, Opening Ceremony, Introduction Meeting of Cultural Industry Products & Signing Ceremony, International Culture & Tourism Economic Forum, “One Belt, One Road” International Concert, Tourism Introduction of Silk Road Countries. At the beginning of Sanya's peak tourism season, Sanya has shown determination in the development of the cultural industry and has greatly contributed to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port).


Cultural industry advances through traditional culture

Together with non-material heritage culture, traditional culture forms the foundation of the cultural industry, and at the same time they are the source of cultural ideas and cultural achievements.

Organizers specifically set up an exhibition area for non-material heritage culture from “One Belt, One Road” countries. Chinese non-material heritage culture and international culture were truly woven together at the 3rd International Fair. 

International non-heritage culture list: Amber from Tatarstan, Russian; Hand-made carpets from Azerbaijan; Hungarian traditional Mohacs Carnival, and Kodaly teaching method of folk music;

Chinese non-heritage culture list: Handmade; Technology of silver pitcher from Yunnan Province; Traditional Miao clothes and accessories; Ceramics from Jing De Town, Li Brocade; Coconut sculptures, and Rattan art.  




The protection, spread and development of non-material heritage culture has become the focus of the world’s attention. Thanks to the expert efforts, non-material heritage culture is now survived by compromising the merits of both traditional and modern styles. Mr. Liu Chuan from Haikou said that he was so glad to see these traditional cultures gaining new vigor and vitality. Ms. Huang Liqiong, a representative successor of Hainan non-material heritage culture, has innovated brocade technology through modern methods to make it more colorful and beautiful. A Russian friend stopped at the Cloisonné showcase, it was so fascinating that he was reluctant to leave. Ms. Gao, a travel enthusiast, has traveled to over 10 countries. She said that she has never seen such a rich cultural exhibition before. She especially loved items from Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan. She added that those countries will be her next travel stops. 



The British Museum, the Summer Palace, the Federation of French Museums and the MOMA brought small samples of many world-class famous art works to contribute to the fair.




“Culture Plus” Innovative Business Model

We are so glad to see cultural innovation is no longer the extra content of thetraditional cultural industry, it has become the foundation of the traditional industry, only from sufficient cultural source will a rich culture industry be born.

“Culture + Tourism”

“Culture + Tourism” is the most mature, promising and lively business model in Hainan. Many scenic spots such as Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Tianyahaijiao ,Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Rainforest Park, Romance park, Haichang Ocean Park and Ocean Museum are developing rapidly. The number of overnight visitors in Sanya reached 18.3 million, the tourism revenue totaled 40 billion Yuan, which accounted for nearly half of tourism revenue of the whole province.  





“Culture + Technology”

In the tech-animation area, some of the highest scientific and technological achievements were on display where there were many interactive products. Children could learn a lot about the ocean, space through the rocket launching-VR and the submersible «Jiao Long»-VR. 





“Culture + Sport”

The sports area was in theme with Hainan’s international sports events,  which included the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race, Hainan Ocean Sports Season, Ring of Hainan International Road Cycling Race and the Round Hainan Regatta. Mini-Navigator Camp, International Riding Festival of Hainan Island and many other sports products and holiday products have emerged recently. The showcase of the Fareast and Qiao Sang Sports attracted many children to learn about navigation and golf skills.



40 awarded works of art from the «China (Sanya) Cultural Creative Design Contest» were shown at the fair as well. The Design Contest and Cultural Fair supplemented and supported each other, promoting the development of different industries together. 


Equal Opportunities: Progress for all

Civilization progress gains spiritual strength from traditional culture. By introducing good non-material heritage culture, people have been able to gain rich intellectual and cultural lives, “Culture + Integration” marks a new epoch in cultural aspect.

Ms. Xiao Yingzi, member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, said that the International Cultural Fair could be unique by introducing non-material heritage culture and integrating different international cultures. To attract more traveler from all over the world, more colorful cultural meaning should be diffused into the Sanya Tourism Industry.


Mr. Adong, Deputy Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Sanya, gave a speech at the closing ceremony of the 3rd Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair. He said that in recent years, through cultural construction, Sanya has made great progress to obtain good social efficiency and economic efficiency. As the Experimental Area of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port and a center city of the Maritime Silk Road, Sanya has already played important communication roles. We are aiming to build Sanya into a famous cultural and tourist city.


Russian State Duma lawmaker Maksimova Svetlana suggested that Sanya should develop family tourism products and marketing.


Azerbaijan ambassador to China Akram Zeynalli said that through The Cultural Fair the silk road countries have strengthened mutual understanding and promoted the positions they share.  He suggested that it would be better if Azerbaijan could be on the visa free list of Sanya.


Tajikistan ambassador to China Davlatzoda Parviz said that thanks to The Cultural Fair, they got the chance to promote communication and cooperation with Sanya. Tajikistan stands for active participation in international forums and multilateral co-operation.


According to the 2018 statistics, the 3rd Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair attracted 123,600 people, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year.

The International Cultural Industry Fair has increased consumption by 39.5 million Yuan. The turnover at the exhibition reached 38.5 million Yuan. The amount of contracted projects reached 1.4 billion and the amount of intention contracts reached 4.25 billion. 15 companies at home and abroad had the intention to settle in Sanya. 126 companies have signed contracts to take part in the 4th International Cultural Industry Fair and an additional 62 companies will confirm their attendance later on.1542809946317628.jpg



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