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The 1st Hainan International Film Festival is coming

By Afra Jin / Hellosanya


The 1st Hainan International Film Festival will be held in Sanya from 9th December 2018 to 16th December 2018. Jackie Chan, known as China's No.1 Kungfu star, will be the image ambassador of the festival. Some of the biggest names in the film industry will attend the opening ceremony. It is set to be the most star-studded international film festival to ever be held in Hainan.

During the festival, thousands of managers from top cinemas in China will watch references of nearly 100 films. To cater to the general public, these films will not only premiere at local cinemas but they will also be screened at beach cinemas.


The main activities of The 1st Hainan International Film Festival will consist of an opening ceremony, a film exhibition, a forum, a film promotion conference, and a shooting spot promotion exhibition.

There have been concerns about the film shooting locations which are located in poor areas. At the Shooting Spot Promotion Exhibition, there will be a special display area where organizers will help promote these areas during the festival.

Can you guess what the highest award for this festival will be? The Cannes Film Festival has the Golden Palm award and the Venice Film Festival has the Golden Lion award. If you guessed something tropical then you would be absolutely correct! The highest award for the Hainan International Film Festival will be the Golden Coconut award. The selection will be launched in 2019. 


At the International Film Forum, movie stars, film production companies and media from all around the world will be invited to discuss developing problems and concerns about the film industry. A Stary Charity Dinner will also be hosted during the festival.


Local Hainan officials have ambitious plans to develop Hainan into a film communication, cooperation, and production center. By hosting the Hainan International Film Festival and by making this a reoccurring event, the Hainan film and television industry will surely make rapid progress.
 In order to promote the overall construction of Hainan's film industry,“1+X” cinemas will be set up at many of the island's 5-star hotels.


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